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Why Stark BPO is the RIGHT call center partner to grow your business.

Choosing  the right contact center partner for your business just got easier because  Stark BPO is here for you.  In today’s rapidly increasing business and  labor market, outsourcing continues to be a key driver for startups, small to medium-sized companies and Fortune 500 companies to achieve  their growth targets and gain a competitive edge.  The best part  is, you get all these advantages through outsourcing which is about creating a successful, high-yielding partnership with the right BPO company.  

Therefore, choosing the right call center partner is one of the most  important steps for your business.  But look no further.  You get everything you're looking for in Stark BPO Services.  We're the right  call center partner that can help you achieve your growth targets at the least possible cost.

Simply put, we provide the best solution to your outsourcing needs with proven results  for your business right here, right now because we go beyond making a difference.

That's the Stark difference.

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Founded On Trust


 Stark  BPO Services won't be where it is today without our first client’s full  support and trust in us. They believed in our leadership and the  competence of the team we put together from day one. The pioneers who  took on the challenge of meeting our first client's needs.

Team  Stark delivered on that expectation and will continue to do so because  success as we know it, is taking care of small things and doing them  consistently everyday.  Bene Omnia Facere, which in Latin means, doing all things well.  

At Stark BPO, we put our best foot forward with an inner confidence and a smile that comes from the heart.

Today,  our operations  span several accounts serving clients  in the United  States, Canada, Australia, UK and United Arab Emirates.  Our battle cry is to  conquer our client's hearts, one satisfied customer at a time.  We  believe in our people. We're not just here to compete. We're here to win  it for you.  

Choosing Stark BPO Services is partnering with a proven winner. 

Our Operations Center


Stark  BPO Services is located in the heart of Cebu City, the Queen City of  the South, Philippines, near Fuente Osmeña Circle.  

Our Operations  Center is equipped with leased ISP lines, with a redundancy  backups to ensure an uninterruptible delivery of service around the clock, fully equipped with standby power generator in the event of a power outage. Our servers and  switches are sufficiently backed up by high-capacity UPS systems.   Doors are equipped with RF ID-enabled systems and multiple CCTV cameras  in every room.  We give business continuity and system security the utmost priority and  attention it deserves, 24 hours a day.

A Quality Team, A Happy Team

Our  call center agents are experienced and highly-qualified professionals  with superior work ethic and above-average fluency in English. Stark BPO  has one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry.  That  alone speaks volume on how we take care of our people, and most  importantly, how our employees appreciate the work we put in to create a  positive and nurturing environment.  

Team Stark Testimonials


 "A happy place to work, a supportive and caring management.  This is our home, built by competent and happy people."

- Sherbi, pioneer supervisor

"Happy Anniversary Stark BPO !Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow here in this company and be part of the family. 

- Jana Tan, agent

 "More than just a great team.  Stark BPO has been good to me."

- Mark, QA and pioneer agent.

"One of the best decisions I made was to join Stark BPO from the start."

- Jhong, pioneer agent

"Stark BPO is our company's first outsourcing provider and it remains the  best choice in agent quality and results. We're very pleased to have  such a reliable partner.

- John, Client CEO

Filipino Call Center Agents Shining Brightly


Cebu City now no.7 in Tholons Top Outsourcing Destination.

Filipino  call center agents have earned the reputation of being among the most  preferred agents worldwide. Many more have partnered with Philippine BPO  companies for their business process needs. These are:

1. Neutral accent

2. Superior English communication skills 

3. Unmatched work ethic  

4. World-class customer service skills

5. Low labor costs 

6. Less time investment

With Stark BPO Services, aside from partnering  with a proven winner, you're getting World-class call center agents equipped with knowledge and skill sets that allows them to deliver the results our clients expect, day in and day out.

Stark at 3


The artwork above was during Stark BPO's 2nd year Anniversary.  And yes!  We are turning 3 on August 21, 2019.  As an organization of dedicated call center professionals, we take pride in our achievements, individually and as a team.  It's been a wonderful and meaningful ride.

Time does indeed fly. It wasn't that very long ago when we started this journey together, taking a giant leap forward, and gladly we did as we've turned Stark BPO to be the happy home it has become. 

On August 21, 2016, Stark  BPO went live.   With the support of our  pioneer client, we put together a highly talented and  experienced team.  Years have come to pass, we remain focused and passionate than ever in reaching greater heights for for our clients and their customers.

These milestones are a tribute to the dedicated men and women that have made this journey a truly remarkable one.

The Top 10 BPO Companies in Cebu (from a local blog site)


Suprise surprise! Check  out the Top 10 BPO companies in Cebu courtesy of a local blog, published in August 2017.  It's worth noting that #9 is the  newest kid on the block, with emphasis on the word, "kid" denoting our  emergence in Cebu's flourishing BPO industry. 

Coincidentally, on the same month,  August 21st to be exact, Stark BPO Services celebrated  its first year  anniversary.  

Slowly  but surely, our young company is getting noticed in the industry and  we're humbled of this recognition. 

We have our sights aimed at bigger  things. We do so by taking care of small things. We count our blessings  with a grateful spirit.  To the author of this article, thank you .


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